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Here is my page where I talk about up and coming talent that I've crossed paths with at some point or know now. I would talk about a couple of them right here, but they done went faster than I could write and blew up: (Rick Carey of Baha Men and Shakara Ledard: Supermodel and fellow allum of QC in the Bahamas. Peep her on the new Usher Vid (she's the first one) and in Victoria Secrets mags and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions.) Rick Carey is presently writing for the second US Baha Men release. This is his first time giving creative input to the writing, which is what he does second best to R&B/Hip Hop production. I mean, this was one of them Hip Hop pause tape makin' cats. Now he's singin' Calypso! Threw me for a loop. Saw the Album Cover while lookin' for something else and was like "What is Rick doin on this album??!? Ain't he still out round by Fox Hill??!? No, that's not me with the 'fro on this album cover. But like me, this is a rare classic. The brutha with the fro is named Boots or Raymond Riley. When I first sprouted a fro, I felt odd because I was the only one. (Even snoop had twists then). This cat comes in with a fro on BET's Rap City and the illest lines ever on "Not Yet Free" from his "Kill My Landlord" debut LP. He's an emcee from the Bay Area known to affiliate with the likes of Del the Funkee Homosapien from Heiroglyphics and Deltron fame. Raymond and I first met at one of his concerts in L.A. at the Key Club on Sunset. He was standing in the crowd during the opening acts. I met him there and met him later at the El Rey where he rocked with Ozomatli. He is one of the best emcees you've never heard. He spits lyrics that are all on a conscious level, for he is a revolutionary first. With his new single coming up with Dead Prez (and future album affiliation) you may be hearing more of this emcee who's been around for 10 years. This brutha with his group "The Coup" is entirely independent. He does not make MTV friendly songs, nor does he sign with the majors. He has so much artistic control that he makes all of his own beats and they are some of the best in the business. Hopefully this summer when I go into the studio, I can have some Boots Original tracks with me. Now if I can just catch up with that brutha... Soon to come: 1. Chris Malik Scott - Film Actor from the movie "Fresh" and talented stage actor. 2. Craig Kirkwood - Master's Degree candidate for theater of "Remember the Titans" fame where he co-starred as Rev 3. Elbie - Future Model and song bird 4. Tiara - Future Model and Business Woman 5. By now, y'all already know me. I'm already famous on some street corners 6. Affion - Stand Up comedian (former Def Comedy Comedian...check the best of tapes!) actor, and Soul Train regular. Check your local listings to see where you can catch this man. He's the illest popper and locker (next to yours truly!)
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