For Amadou Diallo.

Riots in the streets
Sufferin from the heat
Through the wintry defeat
The paradox of the police
What were they doin?

Cries of recognized difference
Of lies existence
Extant ignorance
Will we ever have bliss?
Not with their self-defense.

Arguments used
Fabricated tools
Makin’ justice lose
Commending murderous fools
See, they got off on their self-defense

Black man shot over a wallet
No one screamed to stop it
Hand still in his pocket
And they call this Self Defense?

Did anyone stop bein mad
To see a wallet was all he had?
Or how many they would make sad
With their “self-defense”?

Shot so much, I could feel it
Must have wanted to kill our spirit
Used to be others were lynched so we could fear it
Are we sure it was really Self-defense

Can anyone tell me what’s up with that?
We’re still arrested for being black?
Are we still under attack?
Oh no, wait, it’s self defense.

It seems we need to defend ourselves
Take our pride down off that shelf
It was once our spirit was our wealth
We must fight for our own defense

Great God Almighty it is time to fly!
We can no longer be denied!
We have to battle for our very lives!
Because no one came to his defense...