The Seer

She Tries Too Hard

I saw her history in her hands
But could not deal with the present
Of her loving me.
Never known anyone
Like her above me.
And angel in my eyes
That only I one could see
Love at first sight
Is a lie that I despised
And I tried so hard to hide
From it blissfully
Love at first sight
Did not exist for me
But swiftly that which donít exist
Had its grips on me
No time to deny its existence
Or even to ponder its descriptive
This is the rhythm of a lost heart beat
A distant whisper in an innermost me
I tried too hard to be bold
Tryiní to harden my soul
Heart feeliní cold
Death lived through me
Love a trite fantasy
And muse of insanity
Bleeding from the wrist
I died poetically
Cherub in my direction
I was scared of my perception
I saw love in her reflection
Of love for me
I was not ready for that
Love dies
But sheís a rose in the Garden
That managed to stay alive
And Iím the skeptic
Heartís in need of an antiseptic
From the past thorns Iím stressing
And she still loves me
Iím unable to love
Fully, completely
She says until Iím ready
That sheíll complete me...
She tries too hard to love me
In hopes that Iíll come around
And lose all my doubts
I want to see the rose, too.
Said Iíd spite my nose like the sphinx
Or my arms like Venus
Just a chance for us to be this
All in hopes to hold you
Youíre my rose, I told you.
But itís hard to know you
Love unconditionally
When youíre not supposed to.
Take this flesh away
Take this stress away
The flesh led astray
leads the bless away.
And all I want
Is an embrace upon my soul
She tries too hard to love me.
Eventually, the trying
Will become Old.
Eventually, she'll try so hard,


And then, love can be tolled...