I'll Find You Again

I'll Find You Again

Our parents viewed the sun differently.
I hope you remember me
Lost in a memory
Dreaming only of senses not known to the six
Cold winter mixes with the warmth of your lips

I appease my discomfort and impatience with a word
Traced on the transparent film of my imagination
I catch fire, eradicating memories
Not remembered
Facing the way life seems to be
Afraid of the way it needs to be
Scared of what life means to me.
You and I means I am no longer alone.
Your life means I no longer enjoy it.

Yet I
Lacking sleep, lacking breath.
Lacking desire to take another step
But for the desire to find you again.
But for the desire to love you my friend.
If life were to end, I would turn back time
To be with you again,
Your lips adjacent to mine
The curl at the side of your mouth
That only you posess
Holds me at night.
Keeps me calm in the fright.
I want you there with me
To view the sun.
Renew the love
That I knew at once.

I’ll find you again
First thing in the morning.
First dream of me longing
First sign of me calming
I will find you