Damn. How <i>could</i> you?

Damn. How could you?

Damn. How could you?
No one was supposed to find me here.
I wanted to be alone. No one was supposed to love me.
I was sure I had everyone afraid.
Itís like when you are on the subway and donít want nobody to sit next to you
Or when you in traffic, donít want the homeless man to ask you for a quarter
Itís only a quarter. Insecurity makes you hold onto it.
Holding onto it makes you feel that much more secureÖ
So what do you do? You make em think your crazy
Talk and grumble to yourself and you frown;
Mean mugginí. Keep reachiní in your jacket.
Keep scariní folks away.
Thatís what I do when I donít want nobody to love me.
Iím one instance when misery doesnít love company.
Why wasnít I able to scare you away?
Why did you just have to understand me so well?
Why are you so beautiful?
Why is it that I canít help
But to love you?
No one was supposed to be here.
How could you?