Imbibe Me.

Imbibe Me.

Let me create a new reality.
One wherein I determine the world that I see
With a little help of 151 and Hennessey…

See, my only way to escape the truth of this hell
Is to create one of my own, you see.
I know, you wish you could be me.
At least, that's how I see it in my reality.

You call me a drunk and for that you scoff me
Belittle me for being a lush, hell, it ain't no mystery.
I have lived my life in the worst way possible,
At least that's the truth in your reality,
But I lived it the best way for me,
Aint that right, Jim Beam Whiskey
Drippin the last of the Bacardi Anejo in my Pepsi
I stop and wish for God to lay upon me a reverie
I remember me
With what little I have of my memory
The happiness I had when I was a little me.
And that's what I look for when I enter my new reality

But now you want to cry when you see me
Deride me with ruses as you abuse me
If I ain't had this liquor, I'd let you confuse me.
But my vision's blurred, so I can't see your eyes accuse me

Well, I guess there ain't nothin' but negative vibes surrounding me
Let me crawl into this cup and let this liquor imbibe me.
Well, off I am to the new world created by me
Looking off for drunken rest and new happiness

So excuse me.