Sittin in a parked car at two in the mornin'
Tryin to figure out my direction, not knowin where Iím goin.
The smoke permeates all the corners of my face
I hear the sirens in the distance givin another brother chase
I inhale another billow trying to contemplate what to do
CD playiní a mellow tune of voodoo
Not loud enough to bump
But just low enough to be heard
Tryin to think in images, forget the concept of words
The backdrop of my mellow mind state
Keeping the sentiments smooth and obliterate the irate
I concentrate on my focus forgetting planetary alignment
Trying to see what the night meant
Where my ability to cry went
Must I repent for the sins of my heart brought on by society
Different people tryin me because they arenít in line with me?
I rest my head back in the heavy smoke
Trying to imbibe the wisdom
That I got earlier on from the store
But still it isnít.
And eventually I fall asleep
To wake up to another day and time
Another day to think that the day could be mind
Another day to be disappointed, and perplex my mind
Another day to speak my secrets to the pages lines.

I fill my pen with frustration to await the next night.