Sentiments and Delusions

Sentiments and Delusions


It never is.

Happiness does not find the soul until the soul finds it wealth.
And the soul finds no wealth until the end if its time.
But during its time, it deludes itself in a quest for love
As a panacea for the hunger pangs of its freedom from this world.
If the quest remains unbroken,
And yet unfulfilled
Then the soul finds mere frustration.

An unfulfilled quest is to never find love
The punishment for a crime unconceivable
And sometimes a crime of innocence
And it leads to a life of contemplation
And inevitable anger at defeat

I have been on such a quest, and journeyed many times
By dictate from my soul.
I had to listen, and define what my soul was
Who I was, and where this delusion would reside 4 me.
Through tears never allowed to be there
By scarred ducts from their overuse in the past,
I come to realize that love is never to be mine by fate.
Hence half true is the realization of the end of the quest....

Therefore for those of us, whose souls are incompatible with love,
The quest for the delusion of happiness
Leads only to its demise.
And a perpetual sorrow left by unknown hands
And the unending nature of time.