Hello all, and welcome to my Soul Train page.

hello all and welcome to Soul Train

Here are some pictures I collected while at Soul Train. It's different dancers and performers from the show. Above, we have two of the most prominent dancers, shine and Dia of the famed Foot Klan.These cats are on point...

And when I say on point...

How does he do it?
I mean "on point!".

the gang
This is a gang of dancers that are on the show weekly
If you look closely too the right, you can see my head pokin' in...

Season Finale 2K1
This is some of the cast of Soul Train after the final taping for the season of 2K1.
That's me in the front 2 years after the last pic.
I always get to pictures late and jump in at the last minute!

Yo, this is one of the greatest finest new men in show business right here
Idunno WHO the guy with the dreads is. He just jumped in the shot...

I gotta <i>girlfriend</i> now...
Me and Eve just before she goes on to perform.
If any of y'all heard she was cool as hell? Ya damn skippy!

Tell me if you want me to...
Me and Amel between shows. Fine as she could ever be
And has the world's most adorable little girl

Yeah, I want you to.
Idunno what song she was singin, but she was tearin it up!
Lip Syncin' it up? Doesn't ring as well...

So what's your aim?
Big Gipp rips his soon to be classic flow from
"I'll Take You Home With Me"

Welllllll my name is Suga-Lo...
Cee-Lo quickly backs up his patna.

As the scene unfolds...
Guess who's next! Khujo keeps the flow rollin'
Yo, how many of y'all still think he's named after a rabbid dawg? Read, Black people...

Get Rich To This!
Goodie Mob clownin' around on stage.

One of these people is doin' his own thing...
Okay, which one of us does not look like a thug?
Yep! That's me! The one who looks like Organized Noize's Accountant!

Ginuwine tears up the stage...
Yo, why dude have to do this song over again because he did
his whole jawn with his fly open?
still he did a good job. Kept his energy through it all.

I gotta git-I gotta git it!
I had a ton of opps to take pics of his performance but 1) he moves
too fast for my shutter, and
2) I got trampled by the females.

Got soul like those Afro picks with the black fist
These cats had live instruments and performed
off their live CD. It felt like a real concert!

The Soul Train girls
These are most of the girls that dance on the show
A lot of 'em are hella cool.

The Soul Train girls
These are three of the girls that dance on the show
These are hella cool.

The Soul Train dancers
Here are some very recognizable faces: Shine, AJ and Daryl.
They are all cool. The ones on either side of AJ are Mr. and Mrs. Soul Train
And members of the famed B-Boy group "The Footklan".

Trina and Silkk
Trina and Silkk after doing their new single on the train.

Trina and the Soultan
Yeah, that's right. You know it.
It's BlackSoultan and the Baddest Chick!

King of the Stage
The 1000th episode.
I dare anyone to step on this stage and battle me...

 ''I Am The Don Dada!''
The Venerable Don Cornelius is Honored for
his 1000th episode and his 31st aniversary of being on the air.
G'on witcha bad self, black man!

Faith Evans is called upon to say a few words after
Performing her hit single "You Gets No Love"

Host Shemar Moore
Shemar expresses his love and admiration for the Legacy
that is Don Cornelius Productions.

Behind The Scenes
This is the Behind the Scenes crew
without whom the show could not go on.

silver cake??!?
Yeah, Don. Let's do it again for 2000 more shows and beyond...

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