Hello all, and welcome to my Soul Train page.

hello all and welcome to Soul Train

Here are some pictures I collected while at Soul Train. It's different dancers and performers from the show. Above, we have one of the dancers (Jupiter) with Shemar Moore, the new host for this year. Peep the pictures.

These are two of the premier dancers on the show
Leaders of the footclan crew. Yo, they are on point.

And when I say on point...

How does he do it?
I mean "on point!".

the gang
This is a gang of dancers that are on the show weekly
If you look closely too the right, you can see my head pokin' in...

Yo, this is one of the greatest finest new men in show business right here
Idunno WHO the guy with the dreads is. He just jumped in the shot...

I gotta <i>girlfriend</i> now...
Me and Eve just before she goes on to perform.
If any of y'all heard she was cool as hell? Ya damn skippy!

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