Hello all, and welcome to my summer picture page.

hello all and welcome to MTV

Here, I will show you different pictures of me, Blacksoultan, at The isle of MTV. Like hundreds of other summer breakers, I had the pleasure of hanging out at the Isle of MTV. I mean, they are in the Bahamas and I'm here for the summer (I live here) so I go over there every now and again. Even got a good amount of camera time for a full week. Peep the pictures.

Me & Ananda
This is me and Ananda Lewis after a day of taping "Isle of MTV Fantasies"
I got to be an extra for the week.

us again
Us again at the beach.
I actually ended up on MTV Jams that day and ain't even know it.
Just saw myself a week later on TV devouring a hamburger.

blacksoultan and thalia
For those that don't know, this is Thalia,
the new VJ that won the nation wide contest.
She's very cool and a bottle of energy.

beauty desolation
This is what the Isle of MTV looks like with no one on it.
This is the beauty of the country I live in (sometimes)

boom like an 808
Yo, I walk onto the beach, and the group "Blaque" is there chillin
May as well get a camera and take a pic, right?

Y'all ain't ready yet!
Me and Mystikal after he was interviewed by Tyrese
(And no, I ain't got no pictures of tyrese! Y'all pidgeons need to stop askin'! LOL)

I got the chance to meet one of my favorite groups yet again
and again they ain't recognize me. It's like dayum, this the third or fourth time we met! One time I interviewed them for 2 hours straight. nada.
but anyways, straight from Bigboi's mouth full of gold,
Look out for a new album from 'Kast comin out very soon...

Doc's tha name!
Me and Red vibe during a taping of MTV Sports

Enter the Wu
Me and Meth chillin' at the Isle of MTV.
It's a ton of white boys behind us.
What would MTV be without a ton of dispensible white boys?
I just tried not to piss any of them off after that Columbine thing.
Lemme stop.

no diggity, no doubt!
Saw blackstreet on the beach and ain't even recognize them.
All I noticed was that they were matchin, and T. Riley's iced out Platinum Rollie was blindin' everyone.

Your host, blacksoultan
Well, y'all, that was my summer. Met a lot of stars, and I'm still broke. But hey, if y'all ain't know, I am a SOUL TRAIN dancer, and y'all can see me on there at times. Right now I'm injured awaiting surgery, but I will be back! Unless something bigger comes along. I need to get paid so I can get my own domain. Keep y'all head up!

Yo! The pictures are finally in from Soul Train, so if you wanna see pics of Eve, Eric Benet, Shemar Moore, and ofcourse yours truly, check it out!

Yeah, you wish you were me.

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