Hello all, and welcome to the window.

my own little place in the clowds

Here, I will show you different pictures of me, Blacksoultan, at different stages. No need to explain to much here because each picture is worth a thousand words...

me & my brother
This is me and my big brother at the ages of two and four
(I'm the one on the right with the crooked teeth)

us again at six and eight
Us again at the age of six and eight.
We really hated wearing suits...

blacksoultan at eightMorehouse Man
ain't I cute?still am...
Yeah, I've always been fine,
but it took years to perfect! LOL

blacksoultan the emceeblacksoultan the emcee
Me representin' at the national emcee battle
Senior year in highschool.

blacksoultan the dancer
Remember when I said I love to dance?
Blacksoultan winning the nationals in the Bahamas
May 1994 (yo, what was up wit dat hat??!?)

First day at Morehouse
My first day at Morehouse Orientation
August 1994

Afro Blacksoultan
Okay okay, so I used to rock the 'fro.
Don't front, some of y'all did too.

Me in my house
This is me doing what I always do best,
Chillin', doing nothing...

Me and Tyra
Yeah, that's her!
Bruhs, don't you wish you were me that day?...

March 2001
Me chillin' outside the house
This past spring break.

Me and Lenny Kravits in the Bahamas
Me and Lenny Kravits in the Bahamas
Shooting one of his latest videos.

Me and Quik
It ain't nuthin' like phat lyrics from my lip!
Word to that otha brutha DJ Quik!

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