A Prayer For Mamma

A Prayer for Mamma

Dear Lord,

I come to you today in humble prayer
Thanking you for all the gifts of my life
That you have given me.
As I sit here and pray for the joys of my heart
And even the sorrows of my past,
I thank you for giving me this life to live
So that I may know these sentiments.

I realize now that one main proponent of this gift of life
Has been a life force
Giving me stillness,
Giving me calm,
Giving me strength…

Dear lord, you gave me a Mother that gave her whole life for me
You gave me a mother that loves her children
More than life itself.
She redefines Love, and created a new level of dedication.
God, Mamma Keta is the benchmark of Motherhood.

I walk the path of the disenfranchised
I trod the sorrowful road of the Black Man
Centuries away from the Black Land
And realize how special life has been for me,
For Lord, you sent me to this Earth
As the son of a Afrikan Queen
Stronger than the roots of an Oak tree extant through generations
Stronger than the mountains that have witnessed the creation
And fall
Of civilizations.

You gave me a mother whose wisdom is as the wind
As it surrounds me and comforts me in the dusk
Telling me that all will be alright
That all will be as it should.

You gave me a Mother that is as the oceans
Whose strength is a mystery
Whose calm is the epitome of serenity
And whose strength is the source of Tsunamis and Hurricanes
Fighting the battles of time…

God, I thank you tearfully for sending my family
This Mother
This wife
This Confidant
This Spiritual Healer

I thank you God in humble prostrate
For this Afrikan Queen
This Heavenly Liason
This Angel…

God, like the ancestors before her
She is the source of my strength
For she carried me from the uterus to manhood
And even if I did not know that I would one day be a strong Man of Blackness
Even if I did not know that my life would have impact
Father God, even if I did not know…
She knew.

Her love is undying
Her strength perpetual
Her wisdom a phenomenon

Her arms reach to the horizons of my soul
And the center of my being.

For it is You in her that makes me love her,
And it is this gift from You that makes me love You.

Lord, Thank you for my Mamma Keta.

Father God, thank you for my Strength.

I Love You Mommy!