I Aint The Nigga
A commentary of the the contemporary use and effect of the word "nigga"

It is apparent to me that as a Christian man and a strong believer in the Bible, a word holds power. One can praise the Lord by merely speaking his name. One may praise the Lord by shouting Hallelujah. There is power and force in the Word, for since God is ubiquitous he may reside in a word.

However, if one can see that God may exist in a Word, it is by no means a leap to understand that the Devil can do the same. This is not to say that the Devil embodies the powers of God, however it is to say that is not outside of the nature of the devil to befuddle the senses of man with words. It is through Words that the devil effected the good sense of Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is through words that the Devil introduced Jesus to temptation. It is not outside of the scope of neither imagination nor reality for the Devil to reside clandestinely in the word. Furthermore, the Bible says that a word once spoken becomes flesh, hence what you say does have an effect on you. If the word "nigga" falls under that scope, then understand me when I say that that word will not be any flesh of mine. I ain't the nigga.

I do not purport to be an expert on the history of the word, nor do I purport that one need be an expert on the word to understand that it at one point had a negative connotation and only a negative connotation. However, that does not mean that it remained to have just that negative connotation. That I will say.

In fact, I used to say more than even that. There was a time when I used to use the word Nigga quite often. It was part of my vocabulary. I used to scoff those that would scoff me for using it, commonly using the logic that it no longer means now what it meant in its origins. Now it was a term of "endearment". And to some extent, there is truth to that statement; however, there is some falsehood to that statement as well. There was one argument against that point of view that has changed my mind; that argument is that the devil never goes away. The word "nigga" may have gained an "endearing" quality (though I find that to be debatable), but I do not believe that it has in any way lost its negative connotation. For as long as the negative connotation has ever existed, and has ever been an abomination unto my ancestors, I will remain not to use the word. Let us use an example…

Imagine a man walking into your house and slaps your mother across the face, standing over her in sheer and utter domination. That is not a good thing. If he were to endearingly give her money and hand her roses spouting poetry while remaining to slap her in a domineering way, are you any happier? No. At best, you are angry and yet confused. The word "nigga" is that man. It is a slap in the face to your mamma, it is a slap in the face to your ancestors, and the fact that it has gained a sweet subterfuge by no means makes the word any better, because it is inconceivable that at any point it will lose its negative connotation.

The sooner I fail to believe that, the sooner the devil has won another victory. The sooner the devil begins to smile. So it to this I say…

I ain't the one.

I ain't the nigga.

But that's just my mind, ladies and gentlemen. Something to think about!