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From this point, where stands the future?


Hello everyone, Peace and God Bless. Welcome to the make-shift homepage of BlackSoultan aka CashMoney aka Nomda Ploomn. This is my time to let you know me...or at least what I want you to know.

I am a twenty four year old Morehouse College Honor's graduate with a Degree in Sociology (or as my man Rare Essence calls it, "that Black stuff"). I have done many things at Morehouse such as acting,writing for the school paper, getting involved in stepshows, street dance shows, freestyle sessions and poetry readings. And like my man rare essence (peep his page) I too am a libra, but who cares...

I shall take this moment to say something about the HBCU experience: there is none other like it in the world. Morehouse and the Atlanta University Center was the best place for me to have ever been, and I am going to miss it dearly. I go on the record whenever I can saying that Morehouse, along with many other prominent HBCU'S, is capable and in fact one of the best channels through which Black people worldwide can find their way into their dreams. Anyone who underestimates the potential of an HBCU most likely has never attended one.

Enough of the ill yearbook bio, lets answer the question, who am I? I hail originally from San Francisco (Go Niners) but I moved to the Bahamas home when I was ten (Carribean Massive nuff respect!) plus mad respect to Bahama Chief. Check out his site for more info on my hometown.

I have been to school in Pottstown, Pa; Annapolis MD, and Atlanta Ga (all before I turned seventeen!). No I am not an army brat. No I am not a troubled child. Hey, I just get bored easily, but now it has resulted in me having been "well exposed"; whatever that means. However, whatever it means, I shall soon be more exposed now that I am in Los Angeles for Law School at USC. Yo, LA ain't no joke!

Like I alluded to before, I love to dance, been pop-lockin' since I was two, and still kick that bankhead and ragtop every now and then. Throw in the Tati and the Peppa seed for dem Island dreds and dat Beanie Weanie for all dem bruhs that be 'bout it 'bout it. I love to write lyrics and poetry, but sometimes too shy to ever present them. In fact the only time I am not shy is when I am in a zone on stage dancing or in another character in a play. Very few people really get to know the real me... But for y'all, I'll make an exception; here's my own profile:-


FAVORITE TYPE OF MUSIC: Shoot, I'll listen to anything 'xept dat country...
FAVORITE ALBUM: Tribe Called Quest Low End Theory!
FAVORITE MOVIE: Idunno, seen way too many, but rent and watch Sankofa closely!
IN MY CD DECK RIGHT NOW: Cult of Icon, Stankonia, Reflection Eternal, Baha Men: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!
ALBUMS WAITING TO GET: 1. Erykah Badu 2. Lauryn Hill 3. Prophesci 4. Xzibit
FAVORITE COMEDIANS: Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Steve Harvey, and Sinbad
THREE PEOPLE I WANNA TALK TO AT ONCE: Jesus, Hitler, and El Hajj Malik El Shabazz. Can you imagine it?

Now, here is a topic people find interesting: What type of girls I like...



  1. First and foremost: any girl I would want has to have a relationship with Christ first; no exceptions.

  2. It would help if she is out of college. I can't stand girls trying to run college level game. I've been passed that. If you gon' be sneaky, at least be good at it. I'm tired of weak game, like tip-toeing past someone when they lookin' right at you. Peep game.

  3. I dont want a girl who plays High post, being borderline ghetto tryin to play bourgeoisie.

  4. I dont want a ghetto girl. If you got some hotsauce in ya purse, this is you....I dont like them stuck up, but I dont want to have a candle light dinner date chewin on spam and sippin on red Kool-Aid. Wait -- no, keep the red Kool-Aid.

  5. She cannot be taller than me. Look at the pic, I already look fifteen, I dont need people to think I am someone's little brother (although I am 5'10")

  6. SHE HAS TO BE INTELLIGENT. Not necessarily booksmart, but intelligent. I know too many girls with 1500 SATs and all kinda honors, but cannot answer your question. Can write a senior thesis in an hour, but gets lost in a hallway!

  7. I dont have a particular type, but she has to be cute. Not too tall or too short, too skinny or too fat. It isn't really an issue, but I know what I like when I see it.

  8. SHE HAS TO BE BLACK. SHE HAS TO BE BLACK. SHE HAS TO BE BLACK. Im sorry, but I cant go no other route! It aint me!

  9. She has to be able to deal with a sense of humor. I can be a complete fool MOST of the time

  10. She can't be -- how should I say this -- well known around camp for her "bedside manner". Don't want to deal with no freaks.

  11. Gotta be faithful, cant be a flirt. I gotta be able to trust her.

  12. New addendum, she must know what she wants. I have discovered that I have very little tolerance for confusion and immaturity.

    What's that all equal? WhomeverGodplansit2be...

    By the way, if you would like to see what happens when my emotions run wild, (and they have been running wild as of late...they always are) then you can visit my poetry page. On this page, I will put five poems from my collection, and they may change. I tend to be a tad on the strange side (as my poetry will let you know) because my moods change every so often, So if you see poems like "Can I still Love You" paired up with "Hell and Suicide", well that's just my mind....

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