All the Wiser

To My Father

There has been a moment in time where Life was not mine

I find the fine lines of life to incite minds

To many different actions, some blessings, some distractions

Hell and all its bastions and Heavenly reactions

Life quiet from passions, lasted from self doubt

Blasted the best route, doubt what blessing's about

But God has sent his angels before he heard my tears

He sent you before I was born, earlier 30 years

Without you near to me, not much would be dear to me

Because of you and Mom, you made so many things clear to me

And I love you for that, now life can be so much bolder

Able to see so many things, standing atop of your shoulders

Been a year since dad's song, and enough wasn't said

You should have seen all of the thoughts that I had left in my head

You've been a blessing to me and the whole community

Came to the Bahamas in chaos, but I return in unity

Every year you become more of a beakon for those stressing

Notions of guessing is gone from your knowledge and lessons

We stand a month from my graduation, I'm glad I made it

Still striving to be more like the man I've emulated

And the path must continue, I follow the Christ that's in you

Look at you like a symbol to do the good deeds that men do

I'm the luckiest man with you as my Dad, the best advisor.

Every year I'm gettin' older while you become wiser!

I Love You Pops!